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NUOVO Raspberry Pi zero W con WiFi + Bluetooth e dove comprarlo!

RECENSIONE::: Una interessantissima variante finalmente dotata di connettività Wireless e Bluetooth integrato è da poco stata annunciata sul blog ufficiale di, tutti i negozi online sono stati presi d’assalto, e sembra impossibile reperirne una unità. Del resto dato il costo, le specifiche ed il formato, chi non se lo comprerebbe ad occhi chiusi? […]

Giving a vintage radio a 21st-century makeover with a Raspberry Pi Zero W

This episode is a recording of a talk we recently gave at the user group in Stevenage. Hear about how we turned a Roberts Radio into an internet enabled raspberry pi powered 21st-century radio with help from Pimoroni and Volumio. I know many may say “you destroyed a classic working radio!” and we are […]

Raspberry Pi Zero: Wifi Modification

Damn you Raspberry Pi federation and your new Zero W. Well here is me making a bodge of things again.. I promise I will get better 😉 I blame the camera being in the way, ignore the rest of my failings. I have since redone the soldering off camera to make it look a little […]

Raspberry Pi Zero W, $120 Dragon Touch X10 Tablet, Nokia 3310, Mobile World Congress, AMD Ryzen 7!

Raspberry Pi Zero W, AMD Ryzen 7 Benchmarks, $120 Dragon Touch X10 Tablet, Nokia 3310, Mobile World Congress, —— 00:46 Mobile World Congress: New Android phones include the LG G6, the Blackberry KeyOne, three new Nokia phones (And the retro Nokia 3310), a pair of Samsung tablets, Alcatel’s A5, Motorola’s G5 Plus, and Sony’s XZ […]

Kodi on the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

Nate takes an early look at Kodi running on the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero. As requested, here are links for the rest of the hardware necessary to make this work: USB adapter: Mini HDMI adapter: USB Hub: USB Wifi Adapter: FLIRC: NOOBS SD card: Power Supply: If you […]

Tested: The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero Computer!

The versatile Raspberry Pi has been used for countless home computing projects, and the latest variant of the single-board computer is smaller than ever and only costs $5. Patrick Norton stops by to talk about what you can do with the Raspberry Pi Zero, and what accessories you need to make it usable. Find more […]

The Pi Zero W Dongle Addon (Version 2)

A few months ago I showed you how to modify the Pi Zero to turn it into a USB dongle computer, well I’m back today with an updated version which has a sliding USB plug, and can be attached and detached easily. 3D Files: —————- Shop: Patreon: BTC: 17HqC7ZzmpE7E8Liuyb5WRbpwswBUgKRGZ Newsletter: Bitmessage: […]

Raspberry Pi Zero W robot!

We’ve built a robot using the new Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Pololu kit hacked to fit some bigger motors and our secret new motor controller being revealed on Friday… stay tuned! source Top Four exciting projects for the Raspberry Pi Zero W 1. Create a Raspberry Pi Zero AirPlay Speaker While this project […]

Raspberry Pi Zero W e Zero recensione (vs Pi 3) ⋆ game changers! ⊷ #gon_Pi0w

La recensione dei Raspberry Pi Zero (v1.3) e Zero W (wireless): punto di svolta!, i due single board computer della fondazione inglese che rivoluzioneranno il mondo IoT grazie a dimensioni, consumi e costi ridotti all’osso! [Soundtrack by Various Artists released under Creative Commons] Tutti i miei focus sui Raspberry Pi Zero e Zero W: […]

Raspberry Pi Zero review

Read the full review: The new Raspberry Pi Zero is small, elegant and cheap. At just $5 this board brings you desktop Linux with 512MB of RAM and a VideoCore IV GPU. Talk about Android in our forums: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: —————————————————- Stay connected to Android Authority: – – […]