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See How This 3D Printing Company Will Change the World of Electronics

The global market for Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs, which totalled nearly $61 ½ billion in 2015, should reach almost $74 billion by 2021. PCBs are everywhere. They’re found in all electronic devices and demand is growing fast with the emergence of advanced technologies, such as the Internet-of-Things and wearable tech. At the same time, […]

Nano Dimension (NNDM) Begins 3D Printer Sales in U.S.

In this episode we are joined again by Nano Dimension (NNDM) Co-Founder and CEO, Amit Dror. Nano has had several positive developments recently including the first sale of their 3D printer, the DragonFly 2020 in the U.S. following their first sale to a major defense contractor in Israel. They have also announced a new ink […]

3D printed electronics – interview with Simon Fried, CMO of Nano Dimension

An interview about 3D printed electronics and DragonFly 2020 3D printer with Simon Fried from Nano Dimension. source Nano Dimension Provides 3-D Printer to a Circuit Card Design Office ISRAEL / March 14th, 2017 / Nano Dimension Ltd., an innovator in the area of 3D printed electronic products (NASDAQ, TASE: NNDM), revealed today that its […]

Nano Dimension DragonFly 2020 From Gerber File to Finished PCB (C) Nano Dimension 2016

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 3D printer is a highly accurate and versatile inkjet deposition and curing system for printing professional multilayer circuit boards. The DragonFly 2020 3D Printer represents an evolution unlike anything the industry has seen before. The innovative hardware, dedicated nano-inks and novel software offers virtually limitless design flexibility to a wide range […]

Dragonfly 2020 3D PCB printer Nano Dimension

taking a design from concept to prototype in a matter of hours instead of weeks, while keeping your intellectual property in house, for maximum IP security. 3D printing bypasses traditional prototyping bottlenecks, saving you time and money. This seamless in­house production process provides you with a new freedom to experiment and evolve. source Nano Dimension […]

Nano Dimension DragonFly 2020 3D Printer (C) Nano Dimension 2016

Nano Dimension’s technologies enable the use of advanced nanoparticle conductive and dielectric inks for in-house rapid prototyping of complex, high-performance multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). By combining advanced inkjet printing, precise 3D printing and nano ink technology, the company’s innovative DragonFly 2020 3D Printer prints high resolution multilayer PCB prototypes in a matter of hours. […]

PCB 3D Printer – Nano Dimension | CES 2017

Nano Dimension was at CES 2016, but we didn’t get a proper interview. Although they weren’t in the 3D printing area, they were not a company to miss. We spoke with Robert Even (Materials Manager) about the DragonFly 2020 and their nanoparticle inks. It is capable of printing PCBs and can greatly streamline the production […]

Is this the Holy Grail of 3D printers?

See more from CES 2016: The Dragonfly 2020 from Nano Dimension has the potential to change the electronics manufacturing industry. It prints circuit boards within hours. Subscribe to CNET: Watch more CNET videos: Follow CNET on Twitter: Follow CNET on Facebook: source Nano Dimension Offers 3D Printer to a PCB […]