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Photoetching PCBs with silkscreen inkjet transparency material.

I didn’t realise this material existed up until now. The silkscreen industry uses the same photo transfer techniques as the PCB prototyping industry, but since it’s a much bigger market they have specific transparency materials designed to absorb a LOT of ink deeply from inkjet printers, but still pass UV light for exposing the image. […]

LED Music Spectrum Electronic DIY LED Flash Kit 12*11FFT —

For more information, please check: LED Music Spectrum Electronic DIY LED Flash Kit 12*11FFT Feature: Operating voltage: 5V USB power supply Signal access mode: 3.5 audio line input audio signal Installation: DIY welding assembly Dimensions: 108 x 70 x 16mm (Length x high x thickness) Weight: 130g (including housing) 67g (excluding housing) Type: With housing […]

Dirty PCBs Vs Seeed PCBs and limited edition kit prize.

Open competition for a VERY limited edition kit (just 10 being made) with an unintentional review of the Dirty PCB and Seeed studio PCB prototyping services. For a chance to win the kit just leave any comment down below. The rest of the kits are a way to thank the channels PayPal and Patreon supporters […]

Green Solder Mask / Dynamask / Solder Resist on PCB’s

We have changed our store name into We sell this product in original and new quality. No jokes and no fake !! This video on YouTube is our video to show how this product works. ——————————————————————————- This video shows a demonstration on how to use Solder Mask (Dynamask) on PCB’s. This Solder Mask and […]

Double Sided PCB CNC Milling

Making a double sided circuit board at home can save you a bundle of money. Mikey describes how to use a inexpensive CNC to make a two sided circuit board. The process is easy to learn as it just requires a CNC, some tape and metal pins. source

Circuit Skills: Perfboard Prototyping

When you think – “DIY electronics”, one of the first images that likely comes to mind is a bunch of parts and wire soldered to a standard piece of perforated circuit board – and that makes sense. Perfboard is super-versatile – essentially it’s just a grid of potential solder-point connections. You can trim it down […]

Rapid prototyping of a circuit board – Start to finish in only 10 minutes!

I produced a circuit board for a home automation project based on Arduino. The video shows the isolation milling using a CNC 3020, Drilling, and assembly. Just over 2 hours work in 10 minutes! source

How to make Clear Glass PCBs

***NOTE*** This process has changed over the last few years. Please see the new video here: it shows the updated process! This is a video on how I make my clear glass PCBs. I’ll be making a blog post sooner or later with more detail. ***ADDED*** Here’s the source file + (PCB/SCH (For ExpressPCB)) […]