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ViTrox 2013 Corporate Video

ViTrox | Advanced X-ray Inspection AXI | Advanced Optical Inspection AOI | Machine Vision System | Automated Board Inspection | Tray Vision Handler | BGA,QFP,QFN,CSP,SOT, SC70 | Double-sided panels | PCBA | Bare PCB Board, Dry Film, FPC, Artwork | ViTrox Malaysia source The thing that makes Solder Paste Inspection Vital? Solder Paste Inspection is […]

Andy’s Pick: Pi Zero W

Today, Raspberry Pi launched the Pi Zero W, an upgrade to their $10 Pi Zero, adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the tiny computer. For the full episode, visit source Top Four interesting projects for the Raspberry Pi Zero W 1. Build a Raspberry Pi Zero AirPlay Speaker While this project formerly needs using a […]

Mirtec MV-3L Desktop Automated Optical Inspection System

software revision is 4.2.0, build # 2.2.7, 85 – 264 Vac, complete with Mirtec tabletop stand, Advanced Five Mega Pixel Digital Color Camera, lightening fast PCB Inspection, Independent Quad Angle Lighting System, Optional — 3D Beam®Laser System for component height detection, Auto Teach Tool for easy programming, Integrated Statistical Process Control (SPC) System, includes 19″ […]

Pi Zero W External Antenna Mod | Supercharge Wifi

MalDuino! Learn More: Any links I could find had very low stock, so you’ll need to do some searching to find what you’ll need which is… a ufl smd connector, ufl cable, antenna (2.4ghz) and of course a pi zero w! If you have any questions/queries regarding this video, please ask them in my […]

Types of Microdrills MB230 MB130 MB140 MB120 for PCB Goldsmiths Miniature Works

Types of Microdrills MB230 MB130 MB140 MB120 When it comes to microdrill it always comes in mind which one to choose/select. Here in this video you’ll find four common models of microdrill machines. TechDelivers India offers world-class electronics ranges Sensors, Modules, Robotics, Integrated Circuits CD4xxx, 74xxx, Microcontrollers, … Shop at TechDelivers for branded Electronics having […]

Auto Optic Inspection system

Semiconductor Inspection of 4×4 package source Why’s Solder Paste Inspection Crucial? Solder Paste Inspection is mainly done to inspect the solder paste deposits in the Printed Circuit Board (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing course of action. It is found out that the majority of the solder joint defects in a PCB assembly are because of incorrect […]